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Welcome to Film Racket

Film Racket is the web’s essential source for the latest movie reviews, DVD and Blu-ray releases, interviews with the stars, insightful commentary, new trailers for upcoming films, and more.

We aren’t just movie fans. We eat, sleep, and breathe movies every day: Movies are our life. Film Racket’s staff is packed with the web’s foremost experts on movies. With decades of collective experience, our critics are some of the most experienced, award-winning writers in the biz.

At Film Racket you don’t just get the same boring reviews you’ll find on every other website on the internet. We write with attitude, unafraid to call it like we see it. We’re here to tell you whether a movie is worth your time and money, not hedge our bets because we’re worried about the backlash. We go to bat for those little gems you’d otherwise miss, and we send Hollywood’s sacred cows out to slaughter when they deserve it. Here you’ll get honest reviews that are fun to read, plus opinion pieces, fun features, interviews, and much more. Want the straight dope about the movies? Bookmark Film Racket today and check back daily for fresh content.

Welcome to Film Racket. It could get loud.

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