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John Dies at the End

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from horror film director Don Coscarelli. When last he darkened a Cineplex with his dangerous visions, it was in service of the wonderful Elvis-as-ghostbuster classic Bubba Ho-Tep. Unfortunately, since then, his post-Phantasm career has been stalled. He’s tried to get a sequel, the vampire-inspired Bubba Nosferatu, off […]

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It’s difficult to determine whether Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln plays as earnest historical drama or straight-up Oscar bait. The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle. Lincoln is the type of big-budget film that has “epic” written all over it, filled with an overabundance of speaking roles, period set design, and dramatic conflict — satisfying all […]

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Welcome to Film Racket

Film Racket is the web’s essential source for the latest movie reviews, DVD and Blu-ray releases, interviews with the stars, insightful commentary, new trailers for upcoming films, and more. We aren’t just movie fans. We eat, sleep, and breathe movies every day: Movies are our life. Film Racket’s staff is packed with the web’s foremost […]

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