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Iron Man 3

Throughout Iron Man 3, billionaire playboy philanthropist Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) suffers disorienting panic attacks – a direct result of his involvement in last summer’s The Avengers. Stark, still relatively new to the hero game, is having a difficult time processing the miraculous – and existence-threatening – challenges he faced in New York City: […]

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The Sapphires

War-torn Vietnam, circa 1968, sounds like an offbeat location for a sassy, uplifting musical comedy. But then again, almost everything about Wayne Blair’s The Sapphires would qualify as “offbeat,” which is part of the crowd-pleaser’s numerous charms. Based on true events (which also inspired a stage production back in 2004), The Sapphires starts in rural […]

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It’d probably be impossible to produce a suspenseful, sensual coming-of-age thriller about the relationship forged between an impressionable, inquisitive teenage girl and her mysterious Uncle Charlie without blatantly calling to mind Alfred Hitchcock’s masterful, somehow-underrated Shadow of a Doubt. So instead of dodging the comparisons, South Korean director Park Chan-wook (Oldboy, The Vengeance Trilogy) embraces […]

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